Ok, so I’m really lazy and didn’t write my halloween post for almost a month. But I’m going to back date it and pretend I wrote it the next morning like I wanted to.

Halloween was a hit. I wasn’t feeling very into it this year, so I decided to re-use the Satyr/Fairy costumes from Ez’s first halloween. I had to make a whole new suit for Ez, and I made improvements all the rest.

First we went to the mall, and every shop wanted to talk to us about where we got the costumes, and Am was always proud to tell them I made them. The mall was really dead this year, there were only like 10 other groups while we were there.

Then we went to uptown. It was much busier than the mall but still not as busy as it usually is. People kept stoppping us to take pictures. Ez really liked all the attention. Every shop owner said we got the prize for best costumes of the night. Some even gave Ez extra candy because of it.

There’s a picture and more story on the halloween page. More pictures if I ever feel up to working on it.