Me - Skeksis 1999
Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. I prefer home made costumes over store bought ones. Making the costume is almost as fun as showing it off. This Skeksis costume is one that I'm most proud of. I had tons of pics that I took with my old video camera, but it looks like they didn't make it in one of the many hard drive upgrades over the years. Looking back, there are a lot of improvements I could make, but over all it's one of the best. The other years all suffer from over ambition. I tried so hard to top the Skeksis, that I never finish the project, and have to come up with a last minute substitute. My dragon costume is the main reason for all of the failure. I work on it every year, starting from scratch, and never finishing.

Me - Planet of the Apes 2000

Amber - Angel/Fairy 2000

Liz - Witch 2000

Raph - Edward Scissorhands 2000

Me - Silver Death 2001

Amber - Witch 2001

Sara - Sorceress 2001

Raph - Edward Scissorhands 2001
Halloween 2001 - I spent months working on my Dragon Costume, but never got close to finishing it, so I went with the last minute "Silver Death" costume. Everyone else was pretty last minute as well. Since we weren't busy showing off, we had plenty of time to take pictures =)
Gabe - Drunk Broad? 2001

Liz - Hare Krishna 2001

Me - Punk 2002

Amber (and Ezra) - Pumpkin 2002

I'm a Satyr,
Amber's a Fairy, and
Ezra's Half Satyr/Half Fairy 2003

Damsel In Distress,
Knight and Evil Dragon 2004

Technically not a Halloween costume, but I sewed this Jedi costume for Ezra.

Ezra - Yoda 2005

Chris - Anakin 2005

Amber (and Sebastian) - Padme 2005
Satyr, Fairy and Satyr-FairiesSatyr, Fairy and Satyr-Fairies 2006

Mummy and WolfmanFrankenstein's Monster, Wolfman, Mummy, and Bride of Frankenstein

Skeletor, Trap-jaw. He-man, and the Sorceress
Skeletor, TrapJaw, HeMan, and the Sorceress