Halloween 2004

knghtdrgprncsslOK, so this year it actually looked like I might finish my dragon costume, I got the head mostly finished and had the material for the body…… And then We decided to buy a house…. I was a little distracted with the loan documents and inspections and whatnot, so I didn’t really have time to work on the costume. I was so stressed that I didn’t feel like doing anything. But now we’re in the house, and I have an office where I can work on my projects without Ezra getting into them (if I ever get all of the boxes out of it).

Luckily we found a really cool dinosaur/dragon costume at Goodwill, and I added some silver wings (actually the material that I was going to make Ezra’s chainmail out of if/when I finished my dragon) So we decided we would just switch roles, and he would be the dragon and I would be the knight. Amber bought me one of those cheesey kids armor sets at Walmart to go on the front and I took my old chainmail that I never finished and modified it so it was the back piece.

Ezzie was a little hesitant at first, but once he realized that these people were giving away FREE CANDY, he started warming up to them.

Over all a pretty lame year, but we’ve got a house now, so next year will be better…