Halloween 2016

Amber and the kids decided that since we didn’t do Wizard of Oz last year after mom died, we had to do it this year. I was very hesitant, I wasn’t sure if I handle the emotions. But I was overruled.

When we were going to do it last year, Bass was going to be the lion (wearing the lion portion of Ezra’s manticore costume). But this year it no longer fit him. So we shuffled costumes around, and now Dae was the lion (wearing the lion portion of Bass’s chimera costume) That meant I now had to be the flying monkey, and Bass got to be my tin man.

If I was going to have to do a theme I didn’t want AND be a character I didn’t want, I was at least going to do it scary!

I had already started the tin man and scarecrow masks last year. But the tin man mask I had made for myself didn’t fit Bass, so I had to start over. At least Ezra’s scarecrow mask still fit him.

I searched online for info on making costume armor for tin man. I always hated the rubbery cloth from the original movie. I wanted him to be more like an armored robot! I found YouTube videos by people like “Evil Ted” Smith where they used EVA foam floor mats (for like yoga and working out) to build some amazing armor. This stuff is awesome! I will definitely incorporate it into at least one costume every year.

My sister Katie decided to trick or teat with us, so she made costumes for herself and he kids to go along with our theme. Xander was the Wizard, Violet was Dorothy, and Katie was the Wicked Witch of the East, complete with the house that crushed her.

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