3 years!

It’s been over 3 years since I’ve posted in this blog. My server went down for some “unscheduled maintenance” recently, which caused my to actually look at my website. It was pretty dated and unused. I decided to convert the old B2Evolution blog over to WordPress and make it the front page, rather than a sub-section.

It turns out that was not as easy as I expected. There is no “import from B2E” option in WordPress, and the old version of B2E I was running had exactly 0 export options. I found a script that would convert B2E to WordPress, but it required a newer (but not the newest) version of B2E. Also, WordPress had to be installed in the same database as B2E, something my host does not support. I ended up manually overwriting the old B2E, running the upgrade script, exporting the database, importing the database into the WordPress database, and then running the conversion script. It had all sorts of errors, but most of the posts seem to be intact, so I will call it a success. I may manually clean up the old posts later.

I’m going to try posting here regularly, and will integrate the posts into Facebook. Obviously the theme needs a little customization, so there will be some changes over the next few weeks. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another 3 years before I get around to posting again.