Edward Scissor Hands 2000

Raph threw together this Edward Scissorhands costume in just a few days. The scissors are a plastic “For Sale” type sign that he cut up and covered in metalic silver tape. He too an old pair of ski pants and covered them in black duct tape. He then borrowed my leather jacket (also used in my Punk Costume) and a ratty black wig that at one time was a witches wig, but it now had dreadlocks that he had to cut out. We went to Canyon Breeze, where he got tons of compliments. We waited around forever until the costume contest. They had a kind of lame thing where the band played, and everyone who wanted to enter the contest had to dance. Then the lead singer went around and gave a little red ticket to anyone he thought should be in it.After they stopped playing and announced that no one else would be allowed into the contest, this dude dressed as a satyr walks in and wants to be in the contest. He was shirtless with little curls of hair glued on different parts of his body. His legs were just blue jeans with a little hair sticking out the top and bottom. His hooves were actually pretty cool; they were carved out of wood and he stood on his tippy toes, which made him slightly off balance. He pleaded with them to let him in, the “only reason he was late” was that he was next door winning their $500 prize. After a little debate they decided to let him in, even though he was a cocky bastard. While we were waiting for the second part of the contest to begin, he walked up the bar where Sara was standing and started hitting on her. She told him she had a boyfriend, but he “didn’t mind”, and then he pinched her on the ass.Then came the actual contest. Each of us walked infront of the audience, and were chosen based on their cheers. It came down to the final 5: Me, Raph, the Satyr, and 2 other people I don’t really remember, but they weren’t that good. I’ve never really been a crowd pleaser, so I wasn’t good at getting the audience to cheer for me. Raph and the Satyr were the final 2, and they went back and forth about 10 times, trying to figure out who was getting louder applause. I was screaming my head off for Raph, because I didn’t want the other asshole to win. Finally they decided that raph won, and he got the $100. I told him he owed me $50 for the jacket rental, but I have yet to receive the money =)

After the costest the Satyr was hitting on some chick and fell on his ass because of his hooves. Sara and I had a good laugh.