I’m lazy…

I’ve been meaning to post on here for a while, but I’m just too damn lazy. Ez got some funny toys for christmas I wanted to post about. Sebs is getting huge, I think he’ll pass his brother by the time he’s 1. Work is going crazy. I set up a blog for Am, though she has yet to post in it. Click the link at the top of the page to see if she ever does.

Dave gave me his old laptop, and after some soldering and re-wiring, I got it working again. Then I imediately formatted and installed Ubuntu. Took me a couple of days to get all the hardware working, but it’s good now. Then I found out that you couldn’t adjust the shared video memory without the windows tool that comes with it. Stupid Insyde bios. Never buy a computer that doesn’t have an Award bios. even Phoenix and AMI are better than this Insyde one though. The ONLY think it lets you change is the boot order. So I had to use the recovery disk to install XP again, just to adjust the video memory. Unfortunately the recovery disk only has the option to wipe all partitions from the hard drive and restore their disk image. No nice “install XP to selected partition” option. And I couldn’t get the video utility off of the disk because everything is in an unknown archive format. So I wiped Ubuntu, restored xp, changed the video ram to Max, and then reinstalled Ubuntu. I decided to keep the XP partition, and just resize it to the smallest I could get it, so that if there were any other utilities that only work in windows, I wouldn’t lose my Ubuntu again.

Wow, this was just going to be a teaser post about all of the things I haven’t posted. But you get me onto the subject of computers, and I just can’t stop talking. Ok, I guess this is enough for now.