Ez has been having trouble with Math lately. He seems to have forgotten even basic concepts like addition and single digit multiplication. We tried grounding him from the computer, tv, even books until he got his grade up. None of it seemed to work.
I decided to try going the opposite direction. He’s allowed to use the computer as much as he likes, BUT, there’s a catch! I wrote a user script that intercepts every link, and requires that he complete a basic math question before it lets him continue. So far he actually likes it, and he’s getting a little faster. Sebs even requested I install it on his computer. (Don’t tell Ez, but his LITTLE brother is WAY faster than he is)
If you want to try it yourself, you can download it here:
You will need Firefox and Greasemonkey installed. It should also work on Chrome with userscripts, but I have not tested it yet.