Only 12 more months until Halloween

We’ve only got 12 months left until next Halloween. I’ve got to start working on our costumes =) I’ve started a poll to decide what next year’s theme will be.
Ezra really wants to be an ewok, and he wants me to be Darth Maul. Amber wants me to be Han, and she’ll be Leia. We figure both boys can be ewoks.
We also thought Shrek might be fun, and Ez liked the idea of being Puss in Boots before he heard about being an ewok.
I really want to finish my dragon costume. I think if I do a full body costume with extensions for my arms so I can walk on all fours, I can put a saddle on my back and let Ez or Oz ride me. The other boy can be the good knight who has to save princess Amber (who doesn’t like the idea, and insists the if we do this, she gets an expensive princess dress and one of those tall pointy princess hats)
Please vote, and feel free to leave comments or suggestions here or on the poll page.