Planet of the Apes

With 1 week to go before Halloween, and with the dragon costume no where near completion, I decided to make a quickie Planet of the Apes costume. I was excited about the new Tim Burton one coming out the next summer. Aparently no one else had even heard about it though, because everyone kept saying “Oh, look, it’s a monkey-man!” and their friends would say “No, I think he’s from that old movie ‘Monkey Planet’ or something like that” Damn uncultured swine!!!

chris-ape-makeup2000Me applying the ape makeup. In retrospect I should have painted more detail. Ant not use slip Latex…. It DOES NOT breath like foam latex would have. By the end of the night the latex adhesive was falling off from all the sweat, and the jaw didn’t want to stick anymore. And, my face was so bright red and rashy, it took weeks to heal.

2000 - Planet of the Apes
2000 – Planet of the Apes