a moment of time 4/14/06

I’m supposed to be cleaning, and for those who know me will understand why i’m typing instead.
Sunday is our Ostara celebration and I need to get the house in order{i’m still taking applications for a gnome who does house work!}and actually i’m almost done, after cleaning it will be time to do some cooking,but I like that part.
My eldest son Ezra asks me every day when that magical bunny will come and hide eggs in the back yard for him and his friends to find, I just smile and tell him soon. I love the magic of childhood,and I know I drive fuzzy nuts and I go a little wild with planning, fuzzy keeps reminding that this is not x-mass and we don’t need to go hog wild but to me it doesn’t really matter what holiday it is, I want my children’s life to be filled with happy joyful memory’s. I had so few and I know I am trying to relive my childhood threw my kids and I just want to see more smiles than tears.
So on Sunday our house will be full of friends and family and ten happy screaming kids hopped up on sugar, a huge dinner and a slightly miserable fuzzy who hates these things but loves me enough to put up with it.
well I should go back to cleaning
Motherwitch{aka Martha Stuart wanna be}