first post 4/03/06

what to write?
fuzzy set this up for me, both of us hoping it will help jog my fight with writers block.
Have you ever wondered what could cause insparation?
I have found that the simplest things do but mostly its taking a drive, well having someone else drive as I do not have a license (eeck 26 and does not have a drivers license!)Ive been trying to think as to what I should write here, and as I stare at the screen I have no idea, It has to be quick as both the boys are down for a nap and any minute one could wake and chaos could ensue, but as to what I want to say or express who can tell, any hands? no well then.
Should I talk about me? Sure why not.
I am fuzzy wife of 8 years,mother of his two children. Ezra three, and Sebastian(also known as Mr.chubbersons)who is nine weeks old.
I am eccletic witch, which means I chose to believe and practice what ever I please, defenitly goddessism and that anything is possible, even that ezzie can take dragon rides or that there are a band of fairies living in the back yard (and maybe a gnome who likes house work?)I have been a witch since I was thirteen and the goddess saved my life, and I am in search for a coven in the area, but right now I’m a solitary practitioner(which means i do nothing!)
I work full time in a upscale women’s clothing store, and on most occasions I like my job.
I have obsession with vampires and were creatures and anything that goes bump in the night,I love the idea of them,the lust they inspire, the fear, and the pain as they rip out you’re throat.
also weirdly enough I love trashy romance, I have hundreds of Ideas for them, and I hope that some day I will have time to write all my books and have someone publish them.
well I guess that’s good enough of a first entry
ta ta for now