After dinner surprise

We come home from dinner last night, and as we come around the corner just before my house, we see a ton of cops in the street stopping traffic. The cop stops us, and I’m sitting there wondering if there was an accident in front of our house. I look over at the house, and see an orange truck in my driveway. Then I realize the truck is at a 45 degree angle, with it’s wheels against my bedroom wall. There is a tow truck yanking on the orange truck, trying to dislodge it from what’s left of my A/C unit.

I lean my head out the window and tell the officer in the middle of the street, “Ummm….. that’s my house!” He says, “Oh good, we’ve been trying to figure out how to get a hold of you.”

I pull in front of the house across the street and talk to the officer. Somehow the guy pulled a 90 degree turn in front of the house, went through my chain-link fence, across the driveway, over the A/C, and up into the bedroom wall. They’re not sure if he was drunk yet! He went to the hospital before the cops got there, so they didn’t have a chance to question him.

They did get all of his info, and said that his insurance should cover everything. If not, we do have homeowners insurance, but I’m sure they’ll raise the rates if we have to use it.
Our house after, having a big orange truck crash through it.
What’s left of our A/C. And it’s the middle of August in Arizona.
A/C carcass.
Amber’s side of the bed. A nice 6 inch window to the outside!
Amber's bed
My side. Not quite as big, but still some good size cracks, and at least one broken stud.
Chris's side
And the craziest thing: a few weeks ago, a storm ripped one of my trees out of the ground, and threw it across the driveway. If I hadn’t cut it up and moved it, it would probably have stopped the dude, or at least slowed him enough to keep him from hitting the house.Ripped up tree