T-Shirt designs

We went to the Renaissance Faire a few weeks ago, and AM wanted me to make her a witch t-shirt to wear. She had several ideas, but settled on a witch being burned at the stake, with the quote “We remember the burning times” around it. OK, not at all funny, but that’s what she wanted. I prefer my t-shirts to be funny or mocking.
She wanted an old woodblock print for the picture, so I searched around and found a few candidates. One of the ones she didn’t choose was a woman being burned with a crowd gathered around, and a puritan looking guard holding them back. I decided I wanted to use this design to make my own shirt, but I need to decide what quote to put under it.
Church Barbecue
Mommy, look a church barbecue!
Look, the Christians are having another barbecue
The Traditional Christian Barbecue
Witch, it’s what’s for dinner
“Mommy, a church barbecue, can we go?” “Yes son, I think we’re next”

Any other ideas? Post a comment.