Another Garage Sale Find

While not nearly as good a find as my $5 Lego Robotics or my $5 Tivo, I found a drawing tablet this weekend for $25. I already have a wacom tablet, but I brought it to work, and I need one at home now. This one is an Aiptek HyperPen 6000. It’s slightly bigger than the wacom, although the drawing surface is nearly the same size. The one thing that’s not as cool as the wacom is that the pen requires a battery. A AAAA battery. I’ve never even heard of AAAA. It looks like a AAA, only about 3/4 as thick and 3/4 the length. The cool thing about this tablet is that it doesn’t need an a/c adapter, it has a plug that goes in your ps/2 port and draws the power from there.
I’ve already put the tablet to good use, drawing the logo for my new web hosting company

EZ also found a couple of deals this weekend. He got a talking, vibrating light saber for $0.25, and a Blues Clues plate for $0.50.