Major Changes

I guess it turns out I didn’t need that extra drawing tablet after all. I had brought my original one to work, but my work no longer exists…

I got a call from my boss at 6:30 yesterday morning saying that we hadn’t paid our rent, and the new owners of the mall were going to try to lock us out. They told us when they took over that they were going to find any reason they could to kick us out. I guess we gave it to them. (The rent on the building is $13,000/month, and generally we don’t make that much…)

The boss said don’t worry, it would probably be all taken care of by the time I got in to open at 9:00. I tried to go back to sleep, but obviously couldn’t. I got up and took a shower, and when I was getting dresed I noticed that I had missed a call from the boss. So I call him back, expecting him to say that the people came and went, and eveything is all set.

Instead, he says that Dom has rented 3 Uhauls, and that we’re going to pack everything in the store up, even the projectors and sound racks. Those things are permenantly wired in there. So I drive AM and EZ out to the village, then drive all the way back to Rimrock, about 2 blocks from my house to pick up one of the Uhauls. I got the smallest one, and it still seemed huge trying to get on the freeway with our crappy little on ramp.

So dom went to winsong to get some mexicans to help, and I was in charge of the projection room. The boss said to just cut all the wired, and we’ll just have to splice them if we move back in. I cut probably 1500 wires, there is no way I’m rewiring that thing if we somehow get our jobs back.

Getting the projectors down the stairs was insane. When they put them in to begin with, they cut a hole in the wall, and just used a fork lift. We had a little dolly and 3 mexicans to try to manuver this 6″ tall, 2000 pound projector down a VERY steep set of stairs. We ended up laying it down and sliding it, but I had to pull with all my might to keep it from sliding too fast and squashing the mexicans. I am soooooo sore. We did 2 projectors, 2 sound racks that were even heavier than the projectors, 2 platters, 2 makeup tables, and various other tables. I can’t believe we got it all out in one day.

The boss said he will give me a job working for the tour companies, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. If anyone out there has a computer job open, let me know. Maybe I better get working on my hosting company Sly Fox Hosting