Crazy ass Japanese people

So somehow I stumbled across this site with some crazy ass games. It was obviously created by a Japanese guy, as they always make very weird, extremely addictive games.

One of the games is called Grow. You take different objects, drag them onto this sphere, and they grow/evolve. The point is to do them in the right order to get them all to max out their growth. Then there is an RPG version. It’s the same concept, but you grow a castle, a shop, a cave with treasure, etc, and then your little guy goes on a journey based on how well you levelled up everything. I finally beat that one. Still haven’t beaten the regular version.

Then there is a wierd whack-a-mole and a game that’s similar to the head switching mini-game in Mario DS. And then there is a shrubbery game called Vanilla. You click on a planter and a little shrub grows. Click the shrub and another one grows on top. You keep going and the shrubs tilt one way or the other as you click on them. The point is to grow it as tall as possible without hitting the walls. My best was like 20 feet. Crimtor got 30 something. From the height of the window you should be able to get at least 100 feet.

Over all some very awesome games, but probably make more sense on some sort of drug.