Sparks vs B^e

I’m a lightweight. One beer and I get really tired and want to go to bed. So Crimtor told me about this energy drink/beer called sparks the other day. It’s like an alcoholic redbull. I tried it and it was pretty good. It tastes like redbull (liquid flinstones vitimins) with some alcohol in it. It worked really well to keep me awake, but didn’t get me quite as drunk as a normal beer would. In the same section they had a budweiser drink called B^e. It has caffeine, ginseng, guarana and everything that Sparks has, so I figured I’d try it. Whereas Sparks tastes like redbull with alcohol in it, B^e tastes like beer with redbull in it. It has that crappy beer taste with a little sweetness that’s kind of sickening. Sparks is sweet, but that’s all it is, so it doesn’t make you sick.

I think I’ll stick with Sparks. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be drinking by myself anyway…