Ez’s first emergency room visit!

We knew having two boys we would be visiting the emergency room sometime. Last thursday was the first time for Ez. He and his buddies JJ and Joey were having a playdate at the house. I was at work. My cell phone rings, and it’s Am. Ever since the shaken kitty incident, every time she calls I expect her to call freaking out saying someone’s going to the emergency room. This time it happened. She was actually calmer than I would expect, but still pretty shaken up. She said JJ and Joey had “ripped” Ez’s ear, and Lara was going to take them to the emergency room in cottonwood to get stitched.

I called my boss and told him I had to go, and he said don’t bother closing, just lock the door and go. So driving to cottonwood, the whole time I’m thinking “how could they ‘rip’ his ear? Were the wrestling and pulling on it?”

I get to the emergency room, and there’s no parking. Apparently everyone’s getting hurt tonight. Once i get in, Am leads me into the nurse’s station, where Ez is sitting very calmly. He says “I got some blood on my ear, but the doctor’s gonna make it better” He takes off the washcloth and icecube, and I see it’s not “ripped” along the seam like I expected, it’s “cut” right in the middle through the cartilage. It looks like he was in a knife fight.

From what we could piece together in his story, JJ pushed him over, and he fell and hit his ear against the changing table. He must have hit it just right against the corner, because it was a really smooth clean cut.

After waiting 2 hours in the waiting room, we finally got sent back to the doctor. She was pretty cute, in her mid to late 20’s. Ez really liked her. He said “You gonna make me all better?” “You’re a very nice doctor, I like you” He kept flirting with her the whole time. He didn’t cry once, I couldn’t believe how big he was.

She decided he didn’t need any stitches, they would just use Dermabond, which is fancy doctor-talk for superglue. She used an entire pen/tube of glue on it, I guess she really didn’t want it coming apart.
Ezra\'s ear after being glued together
It’s now a week later, and the glue has come off and his ear is splitting a little. Am wanted to go back to the doctor, but I said why don’t we just put some more glue on there. She said no way, absolutely not. Then when I got home, she said “why don’t we just glue it ourselves?” I reminded her that I had suggested that only a few hours earlier, and she had nearly bit my head off. But now her friend’s sister who used to work in a doctor’s office suggested it, and it was ok. So we’re going to get some glue today, lets see if she actually lets me do it.