I’ve sold out.

My loyal readers may have noticed a little change on some of my pages. I’ve decided to implement Google AdSense to make the boys some college money. Well, maybe not. But maybe enough for the down payment on a used minivan. Or lunch at McD’s. Actually Google won’t even give me any money until I’ve earned at least $100, so it may be a while before I get anything.

The AdSense rules are kind of funny. I’m not allowed to ask you to click my ads. I can’t have arrows pointing at the ads. I can’t do anything that would draw attention to the ads and cause you to actually click them. So whatever you do, don’t click on the ads. But do click on the firefox button, or go there directly and download it. Help make the web a safer place. I should see if Ubuntu has a referral program too. It’s easy enough to use even AM can do it.