Halloween Was a Hit

After sewing like crazy for the last few weeks, the big day finally arrived. Ezzie looked so cute in his little Yoda costume. Everyone wanted to know where we bought it, and they were amazed when I told them I sewed it.

We went to the mall first, and Klara (who works with AM) was very impressed. She sews, so she knew how much work it took to make the costumes. Ezzie had a little hood with Yoda ears, 3 fingered gloved, 3 toed feet, and the Jedi outfit I made for him back when Ep III came out. Technically the tunic and pants were the wrong color, since they were made in the Obi-Wan style, and Yoda’s tunic is very dark, but no one seemed to notice.

They also didn’t know that I was Anakin and AM was Padme. Most people thought we were Luke and Leia. One old dude even said “Hey, I thought Leia was supposed to be a virgin!” =)

Every shopkeeper we saw said ours were the best costumes of the night and we should win a prize. Most of them did give EZ twice as much candy as they gave everyone else. One lady was even going to dump her entire basket into his “pumpkin” (KT got mad that I kept referring to it as a pumpkin, since it was actually Darth Vader’s Head. I feel that it is still a pumpkin, even if it takes a different shape).

We got stopped by at least 10 people who asked if they could take EZ’s picture. And we noticed quite a few others who took it as we went by without asking. Many with video cameras too. We should have charged a few dollars a pop.

Over all EZ thoroughly enjoyed this Halloween, not just for all of the candy he got (which I will be taking a percentage of for costume construction fees šŸ˜‰ ), but also for all of the attention he got. I think he liked that even more than the candy.

Check out my halloween page for this year’s costumes as well as all of our costumes from the past few years.