He’s Here!!!!

He’s finally here!!! Sebastian Osiris Fox was born on Jan 26th 2006 at 11:49pm. He weighed 8lbs 14oz, and was 21″ long. It was a long tiring labor. Amber decided to try incucing by taking 2oz of castor oil mixed with orange juice. But one sip and she threw up. Luckily that started her contractions. Neither of us could get back to sleep after that.

It took 21.5 hours of irregular contactions for this kid to come out. The contractions never did get regular. The midwife had to break Am’s water to help speed things up. My mom, her mom, and my brother Kevin’s girlfriend Tina were all there to help out. Kevin stayed in the computer room with Ezra the whole time.

I’m sure everyone wants to see pics of the new little guy, so we put some up on his brother’s site. http://www.just2ez.com/sebastian/ Let us know what you think of our new little pudge-ball.