It’s A Boy! (again)

We got a sonigram today, and it looks like EZ is going to have a little brother. I’m pretty excited, because it means all of EZ’s old outfits will fit him and be the right season. If it were a girl, AM would want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for her. And when we finally did have another boy, he might be born in the summer, and none of EZ’s cloths would be right for him. He would have to wear fleece onesies in July, and t-shirts in December.

So his name is going to be Sebastian Osiris Fox, to go with my sister Isis who was born on the 22. It turns out we were right on his due date, he will be born Jan 16. The doctor didn’t even say he was big for his age, so I wonder why AM is showing a month ahead. The sad thing about Jan 16 is that is LIZ’s b-day…. I don’t want a little liz running around my house. At least it’s boy. So I will have a little bitchy man. Yeah!! =(