Buy me a scary blackman

We walk into Webers last night and Ezzie starts yelling “Daddy, look a black man, a scary black man! Will you buy me a scary black man?” I’m like SHHHHHH! and look around to see which black person I should be appologising to, but there weren’t any around.

Scary Blackman

Then he shows me the halloween Pez dispenser section. There is what I can only guess is supposed to be a skeleton, but it really looks like someone in “blackface” I can’t believe noone has complained about this thing yet. I’m sure there will be some civil rights group up in arms about this.

EZ really really really wanted this thing, but AM thought it was way too racist and wouldn’t let him have it. He cried and stuck it in the cart anyway, and she put it back while he wasn’t looking. The whole way home he was looking through the shopping bags for this thing. When we got home and put everything away, he was quite disappointed that it wasn’t in there.

Today I had to stop at the store for eggs on the way home, and so I picked it up for him. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t believe they would make such a thing, or that no one had even mentioned anything about it. But now I have, and if anyone ever reads this, I expect to hear a story about this on the news. Preferably CBS 5, since that’s what we watch.