Referrer Spam

For the past week I have been under attack from some Spam Bot that requests my blog index page, and gives the referrer as some porn site. that wouldn’t be so bad, but my bandwidth went from a few megs to over 225megs in a few days. It hit once a minute, each time from a different IP, with a slightly different url in the referrer. Sometimes it was, sometimes it was I don’t want to give the real url, because I’m sure that’s exactly what they would want. .pl is Poland for those who don’t know, although I’m sure the site was not really polish. At first I tried banning the ip addresses, but there were hundreds of them.

Finally I found Referrer Karma. It’s a cool program/script that checks the referring url, and if it doesn’t have a link to your site on it, the person/bot gets a 403 forbidden instead of your site. I installed it and checked my logs to see that all of the bots were getting 403s. After 2 days of getting nothing but 403s, the bots seem to have given up. There was not a single one in my logs. Now my logs are nice and clear to see all of the people who aren’t coming here.