I’ve sold out.

My loyal readers may have noticed a little change on some of my pages. I’ve decided to implement Google AdSense to make the boys some college money. Well, maybe not. But maybe enough for the down payment on a used minivan. Or lunch at McD’s. Actually Google won’t even give me any money until I’ve earned at least $100, so it may be a while before I get anything.

The AdSense rules are kind of funny. I’m not allowed to ask you to click my ads. I can’t have arrows pointing at the ads. I can’t do anything that would draw attention to the ads and cause you to actually click them. So whatever you do, don’t click on the ads. But do click on the firefox button, or go there directly and download it. Help make the web a safer place. I should see if Ubuntu has a referral program too. It’s easy enough to use even AM can do it.


Ez’s first emergency room visit!

We knew having two boys we would be visiting the emergency room sometime. Last thursday was the first time for Ez. He and his buddies JJ and Joey were having a playdate at the house. I was at work. My cell phone rings, and it’s Am. Ever since the shaken kitty incident, every time she calls I expect her to call freaking out saying someone’s going to the emergency room. This time it happened. She was actually calmer than I would expect, but still pretty shaken up. She said JJ and Joey had “ripped” Ez’s ear, and Lara was going to take them to the emergency room in cottonwood to get stitched.

I called my boss and told him I had to go, and he said don’t bother closing, just lock the door and go. So driving to cottonwood, the whole time I’m thinking “how could they ‘rip’ his ear? Were the wrestling and pulling on it?”

I get to the emergency room, and there’s no parking. Apparently everyone’s getting hurt tonight. Once i get in, Am leads me into the nurse’s station, where Ez is sitting very calmly. He says “I got some blood on my ear, but the doctor’s gonna make it better” He takes off the washcloth and icecube, and I see it’s not “ripped” along the seam like I expected, it’s “cut” right in the middle through the cartilage. It looks like he was in a knife fight.

From what we could piece together in his story, JJ pushed him over, and he fell and hit his ear against the changing table. He must have hit it just right against the corner, because it was a really smooth clean cut.

After waiting 2 hours in the waiting room, we finally got sent back to the doctor. She was pretty cute, in her mid to late 20’s. Ez really liked her. He said “You gonna make me all better?” “You’re a very nice doctor, I like you” He kept flirting with her the whole time. He didn’t cry once, I couldn’t believe how big he was.

She decided he didn’t need any stitches, they would just use Dermabond, which is fancy doctor-talk for superglue. She used an entire pen/tube of glue on it, I guess she really didn’t want it coming apart.
Ezra\'s ear after being glued together
It’s now a week later, and the glue has come off and his ear is splitting a little. Am wanted to go back to the doctor, but I said why don’t we just put some more glue on there. She said no way, absolutely not. Then when I got home, she said “why don’t we just glue it ourselves?” I reminded her that I had suggested that only a few hours earlier, and she had nearly bit my head off. But now her friend’s sister who used to work in a doctor’s office suggested it, and it was ok. So we’re going to get some glue today, lets see if she actually lets me do it.


Ok, so I’m really lazy and didn’t write my halloween post for almost a month. But I’m going to back date it and pretend I wrote it the next morning like I wanted to.

Halloween was a hit. I wasn’t feeling very into it this year, so I decided to re-use the Satyr/Fairy costumes from Ez’s first halloween. I had to make a whole new suit for Ez, and I made improvements all the rest.

First we went to the mall, and every shop wanted to talk to us about where we got the costumes, and Am was always proud to tell them I made them. The mall was really dead this year, there were only like 10 other groups while we were there.

Then we went to uptown. It was much busier than the mall but still not as busy as it usually is. People kept stoppping us to take pictures. Ez really liked all the attention. Every shop owner said we got the prize for best costumes of the night. Some even gave Ez extra candy because of it.

There’s a picture and more story on the halloween page. More pictures if I ever feel up to working on it.


Ubuntu: Linux for human beings.

Lately I’ve been very frustrated with M$ wanting me to buy a legal copy of Windows XP. They refuse to let you use Firefox to download windows updates, and if/when you use IE to do it, they scan your computer to see if you have a valid product key. Who knows what else they are scanning for. I’m sure Bush gave them a little extra to help find “terr’ists”. He don’t need no warrent, God gave him the right to do whatever the hell he wants when He made him president.

To get away from old BillG and W, I’ve been thinking about going to linux. BUt my experiences in the past have been so/so. My main concern was a lack of drivers. Every time I’ve installed some flavor of linux, my network card has not worked, and I would have to go online to download drivers (if I could find them) But to get online, I had to have my network card working! So I would boot in Windows, find the drivers, then reboot in linux, try the drivers, find out they didn’t work right, re-reboot into windows, look up why the drivers didn’t work, re-re-reboot into linux, but by that time I would be tired of all the rebooting, and just stick with windows, which pretty much works out of the box.

So somewhere I heard about Ubuntu, Linux for human beings. It was supposed to be really easy to use, and “just work”. I decided to try a “live cd” first, to see if I really like it. There are 2 flavors of Ubuntu, regular Ubuntu, and Kubuntu. The only difference is the Kubuntu uses KDE for the desktop instead of Gnome. I had heard that Gnome was a little bloated and slow, so I tried the Kubuntu version first. (This was going to be for my laptop with limited resources)

I popped the cd in, went through the language choices, and waited (linux boots a little slower than windows. the thought is that you won’t have to boot often, since the system won’t crash) It goes through the “detecting hardware” phase, and says “detecting network hardware” Yeah right, like my el cheapo Fry’s wireless card is going to be detected. I had a hard enough time getting it to work in windows. The next screen says “searching for wireless networks” What?!? It actually found that card AND installed the right driver? At this point it wasn’t able to connect to my network, because I have WEP, and it didn’t ask my for the key, but at least it was trying.

Once everything is up and running, the desktop looks pretty nice, it’s stable, but still no network. I go through and try to put in the WEP key, but it’s still not connecting (I have the same problem with windows some times) Finally I decide to turn off WEP to see if that is the problem. Sure enough, it detects the network and connects automatically.

Now I decide to go through and change some settings to personalize my desktop. The dialog box is so big that the OK button is off screen. How the hell am I supposed to click OK? I search through a bunch of forums and find out that this is a common problem with KDE at 800×600 (which is the best my laptop will do) I like (K)Ubuntu enough to keep it, but I can’t deal with not being able to hit OK. So I decided to try regular flovored Ubuntu with the Gnome desktop. I like it. Gnome doesn’t seem any slower than KDE, and most importently, all of the dialog boxes are the right size.

So now my laptop dual boots XP and Ubuntu, although I don’t think I’ll be using XP very often. I’ve got Wine if I need to run any windows programs. Try Ubuntu, I think you’ll like it.

Edward Scissor Hands 2001

Since Raph won $100 the year before as Edward Scissorhands, he thought he would try again and win the $2000 prize at the casino. Unfortunately the competition was much tougher, and he didn’t even make it to the finals.

Edward Scissor Hands
Edward Scissor Hands

Planet of the Apes

With 1 week to go before Halloween, and with the dragon costume no where near completion, I decided to make a quickie Planet of the Apes costume. I was excited about the new Tim Burton one coming out the next summer. Aparently no one else had even heard about it though, because everyone kept saying “Oh, look, it’s a monkey-man!” and their friends would say “No, I think he’s from that old movie ‘Monkey Planet’ or something like that” Damn uncultured swine!!!

chris-ape-makeup2000Me applying the ape makeup. In retrospect I should have painted more detail. Ant not use slip Latex…. It DOES NOT breath like foam latex would have. By the end of the night the latex adhesive was falling off from all the sweat, and the jaw didn’t want to stick anymore. And, my face was so bright red and rashy, it took weeks to heal.

2000 - Planet of the Apes
2000 – Planet of the Apes